Drinking water has become a big problem in the United States, especially in rural areas where residents can’t afford to purchase their own.

But for Jennifer Pritzker, a 16-year-old from Tampa, Florida, the problem isn’t limited to bottled water.

She’s been using her car as a makeshift drinking fountain for about three months, but she says it’s not a big deal.

“I think that the main thing is just being a little bit smarter about my water use,” she said.

“Being more aware of what I’m consuming, and that I should use more of it, not less.”

Pritzker says she usually drinks about three glasses of water per day.

In her spare time, she likes to cook and play with her kids.

But she’s always looking to buy more bottled water, so she has a plan for when the water runs out.

“I’m going to buy it when it’s available,” she says.

“I’m not going to wait around for water to run out, I’m going buy it right now.”

She’s already spent more than $10,000 on bottled water since purchasing her new vehicle last spring, and now she’s planning to use it for several months to keep up with her thirst.

“We’re not going out of town anymore.

We’re going out to get it, we’re going to get the water, and I’m just going to use up all of my bottles and I can’t wait,” she added.