A woman who died after drinking a Silver water bottle in Colorado says the bottle could have saved her life.

Tina Eichler said she was in the bathroom of her home in the rural town of New Milford, about 25 miles southeast of Denver, in January when she felt the bottle on her throat.

She had ingested some water and a sip of the bottle had helped clear her throat, she told CNN.

The bottle was empty, but Eichlers family has said that her symptoms persisted after she stopped drinking the Silver water.

The family’s attorney, David Wainstein, told CNN that the bottle might have saved Tina’s life, but that the family is not seeking a civil lawsuit.

“It’s something that is very rare,” Wainsteins attorney, William Hagerty, told the network.

“There’s only one other case like this where it’s been a case of accidental ingestion and that’s been in the last three years.

There are very few deaths attributed to accidental ingestion in the United States.

We have a very low risk of accidental ingestions and it’s certainly not a situation that could happen here.”

Colorado’s health department says it’s working with the family to understand what happened.

It says a sample of the Silver bottle was tested and found to contain traces of copper and magnesium.

It also said there is no evidence that the water or the bottle are toxic to humans.