Drinking water fountain will be free, and in your pockets, after a recent change in state regulations.

The change is a result of the state government issuing a report to the California Legislature that stated that it wanted to increase the amount of bottled water available in the state.

The report said it would be better for the public to drink from a single water fountain instead of buying individual bottled water.

The water fountain in this photo is located in Los Angeles, California.

(Courtesy of the California Department of Public Health)According to the report, the increase in bottled water in California would result in the public drinking less than 5,000 gallons per year.

That means about half of all people in the US will have to drink less water.

A few hundred water fountains across the country are currently open to the public, but the majority of them are located in small towns.

The Los Angeles County Health Department announced this week that it would make water fontains in the county open to all.

The county also plans to build a fountain next to its main water fountain.

According to KABC-TV in Los Angles, the water fountain change was an easy one for the county to implement.

It wasn’t too complicated, and it allowed the county’s staff to focus on their primary responsibilities, according to the Los Angeles Times.

“Our focus is on our health, safety and quality of life and we have a long way to go,” said Dr. Mark Lutz, the county health commissioner, according the paper.

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