Drinking mineral water is a necessity in Mumbai.

If you can’t afford to buy water, the city’s water supply is still available through private wells.

However, the supply is in short supply due to the construction of the Mumbai metro line.

The Mumbai Metropolitan Region Water Supply Authority (MMRWA) has started collecting and storing water from public wells to meet demand for the city, which is facing its worst drought in decades.

MMRWA spokesperson Prakash Kannan said they have started collecting water from a few public wells in the city and have been distributing it to a few residential households.

MMRWAs water supply to Mumbai is limited due to construction work on the metro line and construction of water pipes that run along the lines.

MMRA officials have started taking water from private wells in Mumbai, said a senior MMRA official.

“The private wells have started to come up and they have been collecting the water from the water tank and taking it to the residential households,” he said.

While the MMRWA is collecting the groundwater, a small amount of water from some private wells has been diverted to the city by the MMRCA, which has already distributed a few lakh litres of water to the private wells, said Kannana.

Kannan, who heads the MMRA’s water division, said the water collected from the private sector wells is being used to provide water to residents of various areas of the city.

He said the MMWA will continue to take water from these private wells and distribute it to other people.

It is the first time that the MMWAs aquifers and the MMARWs water supply are being taken from private sources, said another MMWA official. 

MMRWC sources said the aquifered water in the aquifer is being collected from private land and is being treated and purified.

The MMWAC sources said that the aquified water will be piped to the MMRIWA and will be stored in tanks, which will be opened up for the next three weeks.

Water for MMRCAs consumption is limited, as is the supply of the MMRWAC.

MMRCWA officials said the MMRWA will use about 25 lakh litres per day of the aquium.