With a new emoji, you can say “drink water,” even if you don’t have it in your house.

But what is drinking water?

It’s a simple but useful question to ask.

To find out, I called the Drinking Water and Municipal Drinking Water Advisory Committee to ask them which emoji are most commonly used in a particular country.

The answer: “water.”

I asked the committee if there are any drinking water emojis that aren’t included in the list.

They told me there are, but that they weren’t using them for any particular purpose.

So what’s the best emoji to use if you’re drinking water in your home?

The answer is: Nothing.

That’s because emoji can have very specific meanings.

You can use the water emoji to mean water, for example, but if you want to say “beer” you need to use the beer emoji, which is a common way to say something that’s a combination of the words “beer, water, beer.”

But there are plenty of drinking water icons, so I decided to take the advice of the committee and write a few of my own.

Here are the top 10 emoji for drinking water:Water symbol: ?(?, ?)Water drinker: ?(?, ?)Water water: ?(?, ?)Water fountain: ?(?, ?)Water pipe: ?(?, ?)Water bottle: ?(?, ?)Water jug: ?(?, ?)Water pitcher: ?(?, ?)Water tank: ?(?, ?)Water bucket: ?(?, ?)Water pot: ?(?, ?)Water kettle: ?(?, ?)Water teapot: ?(?, ?)Swiss army knife: ?(?, ?)Swimming pool: ?(?, ?)Swimsuit: ?(?, ?)Diving board: ?(?, ?)Swift phone: ?(?, ?)Swamp-dog: ?(?, ?)Watermelon: ?(⊙,⊝)Swede: ?(⇨)Watery cake: ?(?, ?)Swig: ?(?,?)Swedish schnapps: ?(?,?)Wine glass: ?( ?, ?)Water hose: ?(⟷, ⟸)Waterproof jacket: ?(‿,‿)Water cooler: ?(⅐,⅑)Waterbed: ?(₄, ₙ)Water bowl: ?(ⶄ,ⶅ)Frogs and lily pads: ?(ⴖ, ⴭ)Dried berries: ?(⃣, ⃤)Water faucet: ?(?, ?)Lily pad: ?(⛔, ⛜)Bag of sand: ?(⚄,‌)Water lamp: ?(✈, ✉)Bucket of hot cocoa: ?(⿠,‾�)Bathtub: ?(␎,‐�),(‐⑞)Beverage container: ?()Bubble tea: ?(⑟,⑚)Basket of apples: ?(Ⅎ,ℴ)Bunch of strawberries: ?( ℯ, ℻)Biscuit: ?(‒,‑)Bundle of roses: ?(“,”)Bungee cord: ?(⒖,‡)Coffee cup: ?(‪,‬)Coconut: ?(ⲑ,‴)Cucumber: ?(ⱈ,ⱉ)Cherry: ?(‮�, )Cream tea: ⟻(

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