A Fox News article claiming that “bunnies” drinking water in the US has “potentially lethal bacteria” has been widely debunked as a hoax.

The story first appeared on FoxNews.com.

Fox News’ Bill Hemmer, however, was quick to correct the article’s false claims, saying in a FoxNews interview that the report was not true and that “there is no evidence of the water coming from the United States.”

Hemmer then stated that the “bunny drinking water” story “is 100% fake.”

Hemster then claimed that Fox News was “doing the most important thing in the world,” in an attempt to “get some credibility out of the fact that there is no truth behind that story.”

Hemming continued, saying that “this is the most serious story that we’ve had in the past six months,” and that it is “the biggest story we’ve ever had in our lifetimes.”

Hemmers claims came after Fox News editor Bill Shine was asked about the claims during an interview on “Fox and Friends.”

Shine admitted to Fox News that there was “no water coming out of Canada,” and Hemmer said “that is 100% false.”

Hemmes claim about water coming in from the US was picked up by other Fox News viewers who took to social media, including a user who wrote, “Fox News, the ‘news’ network, says this story is 100%, fake.

You can’t even say that.

It’s like ‘I saw the shark.'”

The user continued, “And when it’s a true story, I’m so happy, because I can see it as something that’s happening in real life.

That’s why I’m upset that the media is so dishonest and dishonest in reporting this story.

It seems like it’s happening all the time.

Fox is the one that’s lying.

I’m not happy that Fox is lying.

Fox has been so dishonest.”

Hemmings claim about drinking water from the U.S. has “got to be 100% untrue,” according to Fox’s Bill Hemmers.

Hemmer added, “I’m so glad that the public got to see this story, because it is very, very serious.

There is no water coming into the United State from Canada, and there is an actual real-life situation happening right now in Canada.”

Fox News reporter Michelle Fields tweeted about Hemmers claim on Friday.

Hemmers claimed on Twitter that the water was “banned” from the Canadian border because it “wasn’t safe to drink.”

Hemmie wrote, “[The] Canadian border is one of the most dangerous places on earth.

I just have to tell you this.

I know what you’ve been doing.”

Hemmed tweeted on Friday that the story was “100% fabricated.”

Heming also tweeted that FoxNews was “making a mockery of the truth” and that the only way to fix the story is by “talking about it and making people feel ashamed of it.”

Hemmor claims Fox News has been “making fun of the news,” in the process of “making people feel embarrassed,” according of Fox’s Michelle Fields.

Hemmor also tweeted on Thursday, “No matter how much I try to convince you that you’re not making fun of me, the fact is that you are.

Fox lies so often, so often.”

Hemmond tweeted, “It’s about time you start listening to the Fox News, Bill Shine.

I am not making jokes.

I have been telling the truth.”

FoxNews reports: Fox News is the top-rated cable news channel in the United Kingdom, according to Nielsen Media Research.

The channel has a total audience of over 2 billion people.

FoxNews is owned by 21st Century Fox, a media company founded in 1927.

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