By Kim Jee-woon/Business InsiderWhen it comes to drinking water in Africa, you need to look no further than Ethiopia.

The country is a leader in the field of flavored water drinks, which are water drinks that contain either water or flavored water.

There are many different types of flavored drinks, ranging from water, tea and coffee, to chocolate and fruit water.

Some of the most popular flavored water beers in the world include Kahlua, Tiki, and Fanta.

These beers are made with coconut water, coconut sugar, and a bit of citrus flavor.

They can be consumed straight or blended with other beverages to create your own customized beverage.

However, there is another kind of flavored drink that is very popular among the Africans of the world, and that is the Afro-flavored coffee.

It is brewed with coffee grounds, which provide a slight coffee flavor and a creamy texture.

This beverage is a lot more popular than its cousin, the Afo-flavored coffee.

This coffee drink is also popular in Asia, where it is often used in iced lattes and smoothies.

The coffee beverage is actually quite a versatile beverage, and can be used for both caffeinated and non-caffeinated drinks.

Some of the more popular drinks for afro-coffee include tea, iced coffee, izakaya coffee, and iced cocoa.

The Afro flavored coffee drink has also become popular in countries like India, South Africa, and Brazil, where the drinks are popular with afro culture lovers.

For some people, Afro beverages have a distinct flavor that makes them taste different from the traditional coffee.

Afro drinks are often served in ices, teas, and juices, and are also served at celebrations.

The following infographic illustrates how flavored water products like Afro coffee and Afro iced tea differ from their traditional counterparts.

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