As the NHL’s All-Star break draws near, the league is again being asked to answer questions about how ice time affects the health and well-being of athletes.

In the last 10 years, the number of NHL players who have missed significant time because of injury or illness has doubled, to more than 2,500.

Of those, nearly 3,000 missed more than 40 percent of their games due to injury or disease.

And those are just injuries.

As of Tuesday, more than 9,700 NHL players have been diagnosed with NHL-related illnesses.

The league has been under fire for a lack of transparency and transparency is bad.

So we’re trying to get to the bottom of this.

This is an issue that we need to address, and we’re going to take the right approach to it.

We have some very clear guidelines that we’ve developed, and I think we’re working on them.

The latest:A year ago, the NHL and the players union reached a tentative agreement.

That deal included some modest improvements.

It limited how much players could miss games because of injuries, but not all.

But it also called for a 10-day window to return to a game, during which players would be eligible to play but could only be recalled for a maximum of five minutes.

The goal was to get a “satisfactory” return for the players and to limit the damage to their bodies and minds during that time.

It also set a limit on the amount of ice a player could be on, but did not specify how much of that ice would be played.

The league said at the time that a player’s workload would be determined by how many minutes he missed, based on his average ice time over the season.

That new policy meant that if the average player missed more time than 20 minutes, he would not be allowed to return for a game.

The deal did not apply to injuries or illnesses that required hospitalization, or were not so severe that they could be prevented.

The union also has been working on its own guidelines to limit ice time.

Those include a limit of 20 minutes a game for players who need to be off the ice because of an injury or other illness, and a 30-minute limit for all players in general.

And it has a list of things a team can do to help prevent a player from missing time.

For example, the players will have to report all practices, practices on ice, scrimmages, and training camp to the league office in Toronto, where it can be reviewed and approved or denied.

That process will include the players’ medical information, physical exam, and the number and severity of the symptoms they’ve developed.

The NHL has also been experimenting with a system where the league would notify players of their “rest periods,” and the league’s doctors would decide if that was enough to keep the players in the lineup.

The union has been in discussions with the NHL about whether the league should go the route of using a “standby period,” where a player would be allowed off the court for two hours after being cleared for play.

That option, which the league has used in the past, is not yet available.

It could take several weeks to get the league to the consensus that is necessary for the system to work.

The players’ union said in a statement that it was disappointed with the new guidelines.

It said the league had failed to take steps to make its players healthier and was doing nothing to help them deal with their injuries or illness.

The commissioner’s office, which oversees the league, has said it is reviewing the NHL guidelines.

The NFL has not commented on the health issues or the suspensions of players who were on ice during the All-Stars break.

But a league source told The Associated Press that the league expects its players to be in the locker room by the end of the week.

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