Water companies around the world are making huge profits.

But what happens when you take that profit and funnel it into water companies?

Well, that’s exactly what water drinks maker Nestlé is doing.

Nestlé, the world leader in bottled water, made its money off water dispensers, water bottle refill stations, water purification machines and other water-related technology that was introduced in 2014.

Nestlé, which owns Nestle Aquafina, was one of the first companies to introduce a water purifier, and it also owns the water purifying technology used by many water companies around Europe.

Nestinglé’s business is booming.

Nestle’s water purifiers and other devices sell for around $50 each, and the company is now making a $100,000 profit per day.

In 2015, Nestlé said it had sales of more than $2.5 billion in the U.S., with revenues growing by more than 70 percent over the same period.

The company said that sales growth was primarily driven by its Aquafine water purify and water purified water products, and its water-purifying machine, which is now one of its most popular products.

While Nestlé makes billions of dollars annually, it is not the only water company making huge profit margins.

Some other water companies also make money off the sale of their products.

One of the biggest water companies, the Coca-Cola Co., made a $2 billion profit last year, according to Fortune magazine.

The other water makers are Coca-Colas’ PepsiCo subsidiary and Nestlé’s Aquafinas subsidiary.

Coca-colas has a long history of selling water products through its water purifications division, which includes devices like the Pepsi-Cola Water Purifier.

In 2015, the U:Water Water Purifiers division saw $4.4 billion in revenue, according for Bloomberg.

Nestler made a total of $6.6 billion in sales, and Coca-Lax made $3.8 billion.