There are no easy answers to the world’s water problems.

We’ve got to work hard to figure out the best way to solve the problem, but the best solution isn’t to simply take water from our water supply.

Here are the top 10 things we can do to get water we need for our lives.1.

Bring bottled water to a tap2.

Make sure your tap is a filtered one3.

Keep your tap water off the grill and off the stove4.

Drink from a well, or use filtered water5.

Use a filter that can be reused6.

Get your drinking water from a local store7.

Use bottled water when you can, and always ask for it when you’re thirsty8.

Don’t throw away your old water filters9.

Drink water from lakes and rivers and don’t use tap water10.

Use recycled water for showers or baths, and water from sources such as a tap, well, pool, or garden hose that can easily be reused.1/3

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