Drinking water can help to prevent dehydration, according to the Food and Drug Administration.

The agency issued a guidance to parents on Tuesday.

“If you notice a child is dehydrated or thirsty, contact a pediatrician immediately,” said agency spokesperson Kristine Niederhauser.

“The risk of severe dehydration is high, especially if the child is in a water bowl.

If a child has difficulty drinking water, they may need additional fluids.”

This is not the first time water has been used as a weapon.

According to a 2013 report by the American Academy of Pediatrics, water can also be a weapon against the heart, kidneys and intestines, and can cause infections.

“We’ve been hearing about kids getting sick and losing their ability to breathe,” Niedersaid.

“This is a serious thing to be concerned about.”

Parents should check on their child’s condition before giving him or her water, the FDA said.

“Be aware of your child’s breathing and check on him or herself frequently if you notice symptoms of dehydration,” the FDA advised.

The FDA recommends that parents keep an eye on their children, as they can have an impact on their health.

If the child doesn’t respond to the treatment, contact emergency services.