We have been told that drinking water from dirty sources such as tap water and toilet paper should be safe to drink.

But there are some things that you should always be careful about, and the first of these is the water.

While there are certain types of water that are safe to take with you to the bathroom, others are not, including those that have been contaminated with the bacteria that causes food poisoning.

If you need to drink water with this list of things you should be careful of, we’ve compiled it here to make it easier to find out which types of tap water are safe for you to drink, and which aren’t.


Tap water with a ‘bacterial level’ of more than 10 parts per billion (ppb) and at least three years old can be safe Drinking water with less than 10ppb of bacteria can contain bacteria that can cause diarrhoea and other illnesses.

There are a number of ways to test your tap water for the presence of bacteria, including using a pipette or other device, using a test kit that contains a bacterial sample, or even using a specific bacteria strain to determine the level of contamination.

You can also use a bacteria-detection test kit, which will identify the specific bacteria in the water and measure its concentration.

If the water is contaminated with bacteria, you can still drink it and your body will be able to process it safely.


If your tap is dirty, it can be good to wash it with tap water This is important if you’re going to be drinking it in public or in your home, or you want to clean up your home if you don’t want to use tap water.

However, it’s important to wash your tap before drinking it, to avoid the risk of any bacteria getting into your water.

You could wash it by putting it in a plastic bag, putting a damp cloth in the tap and pressing it down.

It’s also worth washing your tap every day, and if you have a sink or shower, you should also use it regularly.

However if you can’t do this, there are other methods that you can try to clean your tap.


If drinking water with ‘a bacterial level’ that’s too low, and you have symptoms of diarrhoeal illness This is also important if your water has been contaminated by any of the above, or if you’ve got symptoms of gastroenteritis (inflammation of the small intestines) and you’re worried you may be able or likely to develop symptoms of the illness.

If this happens, you could try using a water purification device to purify the water, such as a colander, or a water filtration device.


If using tap water from a dirty source, there’s a chance that the bacteria in it can cause food poisoning Drinking tap water can also contain a variety of bacteria that have already been implicated in causing gastroenteral diseases such as food poisoning and diarrhoeia.

However there are ways to help you avoid this.

Firstly, it may be more likely that the tap water will contain bacteria than the actual bacteria in your water, and secondly, it will contain some of the bacteria which you’re likely to have picked up by the tap.

If there’s anything that could be causing the diarrhoeas, you may want to stop using the tap, or at least turn it off.

This is a good option if you suspect the tap is contaminated.


Drinking water from clean tap water that’s been treated with chlorine If you’ve ever used a disinfectant, such a bleach, you’ll know that it can have a bad effect on your health.

However it’s also important to remember that chlorine is not a good disinfectant.

As long as you use water that is at least 80% chlorinated, you’re not really harming your health by drinking it.

It can actually increase the chances of bacteria becoming resistant to chlorination.

So if you use tap and bottled water, then you’re probably safe to use chlorine-treated water.

But if you do use chlorine, it should be used in the correct quantity, so you don

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