The boy drank a bottle of water on his way to school, and a teacher quickly took the boy to the principal’s office for his water problems.

The school’s principal, Melissa Jorgensen, who is now in her third year at D.C.’s William and Mary, said the boy was distraught and told her he was drinking the water.

She said she asked him why he was so upset.

He told her that he wanted to be the only one in his school who had water.

Jorgensen said she tried to calm him down and asked him if he wanted his friends to use the water and whether they could have a sip of the water if they wanted.

The boy said no, and she then told him to take the water from his mouth.

He asked why he didn’t just give her his own water.

She said, “I didn’t have a choice,” Jorgenson said.

“I have kids, and I’m the one who has to take care of them.”

She said she called the police, who came to the boy’s room and took him to a hospital, where he was taken for treatment.

He was then taken back to school for a full day and a half.

A day later, he came back and said he had not been drinking the school water.

He also said he drank water from a fountain in the school gymnasium and that he felt like he was being singled out because of his gender.

Josselyn Miller, D.S.A., said the district does not allow boys to use school water, and it’s up to the district’s principal to decide whether to let the boy use the school’s water.

Miller said the principal has been in contact with the boy and will work with him on how to deal with the situation.

Jorgeensen said the school will not allow the boy into the gymnasum.

She added that the district also has other problems with the water system.