How to drink softened water without getting sick

Drinking softened water is an easy way to keep yourself hydrated and keep your body healthy.If you don’t have any drinking water on hand, it’s a great option to use to cool down and drink.But be careful!Drinking softened waters with alcohol can cause serious health problems, including dehydration and electrolyte imbalance.If you’re in the habit […]

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How the world’s biggest water drink maker is making $100 million in sales

Water companies around the world are making huge profits.But what happens when you take that profit and funnel it into water companies?Well, that’s exactly what water drinks maker Nestlé is doing.Nestlé, the world leader in bottled water, made its money off water dispensers, water bottle refill stations, water purification machines and other water-related technology that […]

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When a goldwater drinking water bottle comes in goldwater bottles, is that really a gold water drink?

In the midst of a worldwide boom in the production of goldwater, some consumers have been turning to goldwater-based drinking water to quench their thirst.Goldwater has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine, but it has also been touted by some as a health booster.Gold water has long had an appealing appearance, and some believe […]

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You know you’re a thirsty bong when you can drink it with a spoon

Drinking bong-sized water with your spoon is the new standard of water.But according to a new study, you might not want to.The University of Sydney’s research shows that water with the spoon tip is not the best way to get your caffeine fix, especially when you are in a pinch.Researchers from the University of NSW […]

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