African water filters used to clean the country

Drinking water filters are a great way to help protect the environment and ensure the health of communities.However, they also pose the risk of introducing microbes into drinking water sources and possibly triggering illness.This article is part of the Climate News Network’s partnership with World Food Programme.We are publishing other articles by World Food Program […]

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How to make your own water bucket from wood and water, from scratch Ars Technicas

We’re used to getting our water from our taps and from a tap in our house.But the world’s water supply is growing more and more scarce.Today, the world consumes an estimated 3.7 billion metric tons of water a year, and many countries, including the US, are experiencing unprecedented water shortages.Ars Technics, in collaboration with WaterAid, […]

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How to Survive the “Mildly Offensive” New Year’s Eve Drinking Game

The New Year is here and the festivities are in full swing.So it’s important to get yourself prepared, even if you just want to have a good time.Luckily, we’ve put together a guide for you to get you through the year without resorting to drinking.Let’s take a look.If you’re not ready to get your drinking […]

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