How to find water that’s safe for kids

A little-known rule that requires drinking water for everyone in the United States was first introduced in 1852, according to the American Beverage Association.But that’s no longer the case, thanks to a law that limits how much people can drink.We’re now seeing the result of a long-standing effort to limit the amount of plastic in […]

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When does water-soluble alcohol hurt?

It is not known whether drinking water is a safe source of alcohol.In Australia, it is illegal to consume alcohol in public, and people can be jailed for up to 12 months if found guilty of a breach.However, drinking water, whether fresh or stored, is not considered to be a public health hazard, and in […]

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Drinking soapy waters, baby formula, and baby’s first kiss

Drinking soaps and baby formula may sound like the stuff of nightmares.But they’re actually fairly harmless.The problem with drinking soaps is that they’re very acidic and will harm your health if you overdo it.The solution?A simple and affordable DIY DIY recipe for homemade soapy bathwater.READ MORE: 5 things to know about baby’s heart

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Why a little water can be so important

Water has a lot to do with life.So much so that it’s an essential part of nearly everything we do.The water we drink, the water we eat, the air we breathe all depend on it.But it can also make us sick.The average American has been drinking about 2.7 gallons of water per day for about […]

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