How to drink a beer without being thirsty

Drinking water isn’t a luxury anymore, it’s a necessity.As the world becomes more urbanized, more people are seeking more and more water to meet their needs, especially if they’re drinking tap water.As more and better water systems become available, however, more and less of us are using tap water to do so.In the last decade, […]

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What is ‘drinking softer water’?

In India, drinking soft water has long been a part of life, but as the country struggles with pollution and rising water rates, the concept of drinking it has been less talked about.But now, the drinks maker is launching a new product called Drinking Soft Water to help Indiaans who feel thirsty.Drying, freezing, and storing […]

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Which drinking water filters are safe for people with diabetes?

Drinking water filters can protect you against the risks of the bacteria that cause diabetes, a new study has found.The study, led by scientists at Imperial College London, compared a range of filter technologies, and found that water filters could reduce the risk of developing the disease by between 30% and 70%.The research was published […]

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How to make a water filtration system in a small kitchen

The following article is from the Jerusalem Post, the official English-language English- and Arabic-language newspaper of the Government of Israel.The article was written by Gideon F. Zuhr, a professor of engineering at Hebrew University, who has served as an adviser to the Israel Defense Forces and the Israeli Foreign Ministry since 2003.It was written with […]

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