How do you make flavored water drink water?

By Kim Jee-woon/Business InsiderWhen it comes to drinking water in Africa, you need to look no further than Ethiopia.The country is a leader in the field of flavored water drinks, which are water drinks that contain either water or flavored water.There are many different types of flavored drinks, ranging from water, tea and coffee, to […]

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How to safely and ethically drink ocean water

Water from the ocean, lakes and rivers can be safely and responsibly used, according to the Australian government.It comes after an increasing number of Australians have reported problems with their drinking water due to the water being contaminated by microorganisms.More than half of Australians aged under 35 have reported a problem with their water, and […]

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When a bottle of ocean water tastes better than a bottle from the Moon

Drinking ocean water is the newest, most exciting, and most powerful thing that scientists have discovered in recent years.In the last few months, we’ve seen a lot of great things about it, from the results of a study published in the journal Science last month to a new study in the Proceedings of the National […]

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