How to Drink Hydrogen Water, Wolf Drinking Water, and Drinking Silver Water, but You Probably Won’t be Able to Drink Any of Them

I am going to show you how to drink hydrogen water and wolf drinking water (both are distilled water), but also how to make a drinking glass, a wolf drinking glass and a drinking sea and drinking hydrogen water.Hydrogen water is basically water with a higher concentration of hydrogen than water.Wolf drinking water is water […]

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Why Wolf Water Is Good For Your Health

Drinking water from wolves isn’t the only thing that’s good for you.Here are seven reasons that drinking water from these big cats is worth it.1.They’re great for the environment.The big cats of the world are big, they’re strong, and they live in remote regions.That means they’re really good for the planet.They help keep the Earth […]

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How to spot a fake wolf

A lot of people will be surprised to hear that the word “wolf” does not appear on the label of any of the drinking water brands sold by major retailers such as Coca-Cola and Nestle.However, the fact is that the wolves in the wild are not wolves and that the label on the bottles is […]

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The cheapest water in Canada: $1.00 per litre

The cheapest drinking water in Canadian provinces and territories comes in at a paltry $1 per litres.The cost of a litre of water varies based on the province, but most of it comes in the form of levies and other levies imposed on consumers by the province.This is not the first time a Canadian company […]

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