President Donald Trump warned on Thursday that the United States will be unable to sustain itself without troops on the ground.

Trump said at the National Prayer Breakfast that the country will be “not able to survive” without the military.

“This country is in serious trouble, but we will not survive without our military,” he said.

Trump was responding to questions from former President Barack Obama about the U.S. military presence in the Middle East, where tensions are escalating with Israel.

The two leaders have both made frequent statements on the subject, with Obama telling reporters on Wednesday that the military “is absolutely the best partner that we have in the region.”

Trump responded by saying the U,S.

is “not going to go to war” in the country.

“It’s a very, very tough thing to do, but it’s a job that we do, and we’re going to do it,” Trump said.

“And we’re gonna make sure that we’re prepared for the consequences.”

Trump also spoke about the need to “rebuild” the U-2 spy plane program, which was grounded during a failed attempt to fly spy planes over Russia in 2017.

The program was originally supposed to be used to gather intelligence on Russia and was supposed to last until 2019, but the Obama administration eventually pulled the plug on the program in 2019 after the U S. and Russia fought a war over a Syrian chemical weapons attack.