In response to rising water and sanitation issues in Walmart stores, Walmart says it is in the process of adding more chlorine to the water supply.

The new water system will include chlorine filters, disinfectant and other technology, according to a statement on the Walmart website.

Walmart will also begin providing bottled water to customers by June 15.

The company says it will provide the chlorine filter at no extra charge, while customers will be able to get bottled water at no additional cost.

The new water service will be available to customers in Walmart’s stores in the United States and Canada, Walmart said.

Walmart says that while chlorine has been a common ingredient in its water since the 1940s, the company is “making a significant investment in the chlorine system.”

The company says that its chlorine technology has been used for more than two decades to meet the needs of its customers.

Walmart says the chlorine technology will be “part of the process” to “bring the quality of water that we provide to consumers into the future.”