Water bottles may be in fashion in some countries, but in the United States, where the drink has been largely replaced by sugary soft drinks, it’s still hard to find the perfect bottle.

The top 10 most popular bottles in the U.S. for 2016, according to data compiled by Reuters, are: The Coca-Cola Water, $1,094, followed by the PepsiCo Water, Pepsi, $981, the Diet Coke Water, Diet, $716, and Dr Pepper, Dr. Pepper, $703.

The highest-selling bottle in the country was a $4,000 plastic water bottle from the American bottled water company Aqua.

The list includes a couple of bottles that are not sold in the US.

The largest was a small plastic water cooler for $8 from Walmart, a small bottle that sells for $3,000 on Amazon.

The Pepsi-Cola water bottle was released in the Philippines in July and will be sold in Singapore and Hong Kong later this year.

It’s not the only change in U.s. drinking water bottles.

In 2014, the Supreme Court ruled that people can buy and drink their own water and that water bottled in other countries cannot be sold on the U