In India, drinking soft water has long been a part of life, but as the country struggles with pollution and rising water rates, the concept of drinking it has been less talked about.

But now, the drinks maker is launching a new product called Drinking Soft Water to help Indiaans who feel thirsty.

Drying, freezing, and storing soft drinks in a bottle is one of the biggest problems in India, according to the World Health Organization.

In a bid to make soft drinks easier to drink, the company is making it easier to buy them.

The company is also adding a ‘soft-drink bottle’ that will be sold in retail stores.

According to the company, it will be available on November 10 for Rs 2,000 ($2.50), with the full retail price being Rs 2.9 crore ($5.2 million).

The Soft Drink Bottle will be similar to the ones that are currently on sale, the product description reads.

While India has a history of making soft drinks, this is the first time they have been made in a plastic bottle.

The company is aiming for an all-inclusive package that includes a soft drink bottle, a soft-drinks container, and a soft bottle cap.

Unlike the soft drinks sold in stores, the Soft Drink Bottles will be in a retail store, meaning people can buy them online, which means they will be distributed to households and households can purchase them on-site.

The bottle cap will be made in India and can be used for soft drinks.

“The Soft Bottle will not only make people more aware of soft drinks and their health benefits, but it will also give them confidence to purchase soft drinks from retailers,” said Ashish Srinivasan, head of soft drink at the Soft Beverage Association of India (SABI), which is a registered charity.

A soft drink can be sold for around Rs. 5 to 10 per litre, depending on how much soft drink you buy.