Drinking water in the city is being treated in an unprecedented manner.

According to the NYC Department of Health, more than 300,000 people in the City of New York are sickened each year with a disease called acute watery diarrhea due to ingesting contaminated drinking water.

The Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has issued a public health alert for drinking water contamination in New York City, which is located in the East River watershed.

The health warning is for drinking-water treatment facilities in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island, and for the city of Newburgh and the city-county of Staten Island.

Drinking water contamination is also reported in Queens, Queens and Brooklyn, as well as Staten Island and Staten Hill.

The public health warning states that the levels of contaminating water are increasing with more than 50 percent of drinking water treatment facilities failing to meet minimum standards.

Drinking-water contamination can cause acute waternyc diarrhea, which can lead to dehydration and loss of electrolytes, among other symptoms.

This can lead patients to seek medical attention.

The water is being stored at a water treatment plant in Newburgh, New York, and the plant is under a $2.2 million dollar federal emergency cleanup program, the NYS Department of Energy said.

The Department of Public Health and the Department of the Environment will begin assessing and managing the contaminated water in New Hampshire, Vermont, and New Jersey as well, according to the DEP.

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