Drinking dirty water is not a big deal if you live in a country where it’s legal.

But it’s still a big concern for some people in India.

Here are some tips for people who don’t have the money to buy a water filter.1.

Don’t drink the water at all If you’ve been drinking water at home for a while, it probably means you’re not using it well.

In the case of the South Indian state of Karnataka, it might be time to switch to drinking local tap water instead.

The drinking water in Karnataka is contaminated with arsenic.

If you don’t know how to get rid of the arsenic, you can buy a home water filter that will remove the arsenic from the water.2.

Don.t. drink it at allIf you’ve never seen a tap water tap, you might think you’re lucky.

But in India, drinking tap water is considered to be dangerous because it’s highly acidic.

It’s a natural disinfectant.

It has a similar taste to tap water, but it’s also made of a much more toxic chemical called cadmium.

People who drink tap water are also at higher risk of getting cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.3.

Don use the water for drinking, cooking, and heatingThe use of tap water for domestic use is not as big a problem in India as it is in the US.

But people in countries like India and China, where it is illegal to use tap water in homes, have to get their water from tap.

So if you don�t have access to the tap water you’re using, then drinking dirty water might be a good idea.

You can still use it to heat your home, cook meals, and cook your own food.4.

Use the water as neededWhen you have access of the tap, tap water should be used only for cooking and washing. If there�s a lot of water, like in a family home, then you should consider buying a water purifier.

The most popular water purifiers are the ones that have a ceramic filter.5.

Use it for drinking waterThe same rules apply to drinking water.

However, there are some things that you should keep in mind if you have a choice.

When you are using the tap to wash, boil, boil water, or drink, tap can still contain some arsenic.

So be careful about what you�re drinking.

If you have an extra 1,000 rupees ($16) in your bank account, then it is worth taking some time to go to the water supply to buy some bottled water, since that is a cheaper option.

If it is cheap, you should be able to buy tap water.

If not, it�s best to use the tap.

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