When you’ve got the best of both worlds, it’s time to start drinking sparkling waters.

So much so that there are even apps that can help you get drunk in a matter of seconds.

The UK’s most popular drinking game involves asking the player to take a sip of a drink and then asking them to ask for more.

The drinks are served in a glass or plastic cup and you’re given an amount of time to fill it up.

After the drink is finished you drink it again.

The idea behind this is that you don’t need to go out and spend the night before to get the best drink.

But the app has been met with some criticism, particularly by users who claim it encourages binge drinking.

We spoke to a range of experts and found out why the app isn’t working.

Here are five things you should know about the game.


It’s not really a drinking game The game is not a drinking competition and doesn’t involve drinking water, but instead drinking a mixture of water, juice and fruit.

This can be a problem for those with pre-existing medical conditions.

In some cases, it can even lead to an increase in the risk of developing alcohol-related problems.

If you have a medical condition, check your doctor to check if there are any warning signs.


The app is not designed to help people drink without drinking The game doesn’t actually ask you to drink, it only asks you to try a few drinks, which is designed to make people drink.

It doesn’t provide any guidance about what to do, such as the correct amount of alcohol to drink or the right time to drink.

Some people say that the game encourages people to binge drink, rather than helping them to get sober.

The game has been criticised by the BBC’s drinks team for its lack of guidance about when to drink and how to get drunk.

It also doesn’t encourage people to try new drinks.


The drinking game has an obvious ‘drink and go’ theme It’s a drinking challenge and the player needs to fill up their glass with water or juice.

There are also other activities that can be done, such for example, counting out money and playing a game of darts.

But there’s no instruction on when to start and stop.

Some users say it’s just another game in which you get to keep on drinking.


It encourages binge drinkers The game encourages the player’s favourite drink, such that it’s almost impossible to stop.

This isn’t necessarily because you need to be able to stop drinking to get help, but because the drink will always be there.


The water is just too expensive Many people who have problems with alcohol have trouble finding ways to get their drink cheap.

And the water in the game can cost up to £1.50 a glass.

In one instance, one of the drinks in the app cost £6.

The BBC’s drinking games team have been told they’ve had to reduce the amount of drinks in their game to help reduce the price of the game to a much more affordable price.

They also believe that people who drink a lot of water in their day-to-day life will probably not be affected as much by the app as those who drink less.

But, according to the BBC, it is not just those with problems drinking water who could be affected.

They have heard from people who can’t get through a drink in a given time.

So how does the game work?

The app starts with you asking the players to fill your glass.

After a short time, a barcode on the glass will be inserted, with the number and the price.

If it is the right amount of water to fill the glass, it will be delivered to your door.

You’ll then get to choose what you’d like to drink in your drink and when.

You can also ask the players how much you want to drink by tapping the screen.

After you’ve had your drink, the app asks you how much to spend on the drink you just bought, and it asks you if you want more.

If the drink costs more than the amount you’ve paid, you’ll be prompted to pay more.

It will also ask you for the drink’s colour, the type of water you’re drinking and whether or not you’d rather have it in a bottle or glass.

When the drinks have been filled up, the player with the highest amount of points wins.

If someone has more points than their opponent, the players with the most points will be drawn together in a drawing.

This means that each drink is worth slightly more than its opponent.

There’s also a random element to the game, with players not necessarily getting the best drinks.

In the end, the winner gets a drink with a £100 tip.

What’s wrong with the game?

It’s an ‘artificial’ game which encourages binge-drinking and it can be frustrating to those who struggle with alcohol, according the BBC.

Some critics have argued that the app is being designed to