A new study has revealed that a lot of us are paying a lot more for filters than we thought.

But the average person may not be paying as much as we think.

The study found that the average household spends $1,000 on filters a year, but a third of Americans will spend more than that.

It also found that Americans spent a little more than $1 billion on filters in 2016, compared to $600 billion in the US in 2015.

Dr. Jennifer L. O’Keefe of the National Institutes of Health says, “I’m surprised that the amount of money that’s spent on filters has increased by so much over the past year.”

O’Kean is an expert in water filtration systems and has been working on a study to measure the costs and benefits of filters for over a decade.

The most common type of filter that people are using now is the carbon-absorbing filter, but there are also filters for various other things.

The majority of Americans are using filter-less water filters, which include filters made from polyethylene (PE), plastic, or aluminum.

Plastic filters are the cheapest type of water filter, which is made from a blend of metals such as titanium dioxide, stainless steel, and nickel.

The downside of these filters is that they often break down after a few months of use, but O’Egan says the benefits are worth the price.

The biggest expense for many Americans is the $3.2 billion per year in extra costs associated with the filters.

“The biggest concern is that these filters break down and need to be replaced,” she says.

“They’re a costly investment and they’re not always the best choice for the amount and type of drinking water that you use.”

But even if you’re spending a little less, there’s still a lot to like about the cost of filter-free water.

According to O’Gorman, the filters do make a difference.

“When you’re drinking the water and you’re using your filters, the carbon and the water is not only kept at a low level, but the water that goes into your body is also kept in your body longer,” she explains.

“It has a beneficial effect on your body and helps to prevent disease.”

There are many things that filter-equipped water systems can do to reduce the amount, type, and cost of drinking-waterborne illnesses, including replacing old filters with new ones.

For example, the amount you need to replace a filter depends on the type of filtrate, the size of the filter, the number of water filters you have, and whether or not the filter is designed to hold the water.

In some cases, it may be better to replace the filter for free than to spend thousands of dollars. O

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