Water has a lot to do with life.

So much so that it’s an essential part of nearly everything we do.

The water we drink, the water we eat, the air we breathe all depend on it.

But it can also make us sick.

The average American has been drinking about 2.7 gallons of water per day for about 20 years, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

That’s more than a gallon per person per day, or more than two glasses of water a day, according the CDC.

But the water you drink isn’t always as clean as you think.

It’s often contaminated with lead and other chemicals that can affect your mental health.

The Centers for Health and Human Services, which studies water contamination, has estimated that about half of the country’s drinking water is contaminated with some form of lead.

Water contaminated with Lead in Your Diet: Are You Really Drinking the Right Amount?

It’s the same chemical that’s also found in tap water.

If you’re not drinking enough of the correct amount of water, it can build up in your system, according