Drinking cinnamon water is a better alternative to coffee, according to researchers.

The new research published in the journal Chemical Communications suggests that cinnamon water can be used to replace caffeinated coffee with a “cleaner” alternative.

Cinnamon water, which has been used for centuries to drink and treat headaches and other symptoms of diabetes, is the most commonly used natural sweetener for people who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome, according the research.

The research, conducted by researchers from the University of Bristol and Imperial College London, suggests that using cinnamon water to drink coffee can lead to fewer health risks than regular coffee.

The study was based on data collected from a sample of more than 5,000 people across the UK who had previously reported having chronic fatigue.

The researchers tested the effect of drinking two different types of cinnamon water, one containing cinnamon and the other non-cinnamon.

The non-ceremonial water was used in the study to determine the effectiveness of the different types and then assessed the effect on the participants health.

Cup of cinnamonwaterThe researchers found that drinking the non-caloric drink produced fewer symptoms and improved health over the course of two weeks.

They also found that the participants who drank the cinnamon water had fewer headaches than those who drank regular coffee and fewer fatigue symptoms than those on regular coffee for three weeks.

“We found that using non-citric cinnamon water did not improve the participants’ health,” lead author Dr Caroline Bostrom said.

“Instead, it produced a slightly lower overall health score than that produced by drinking regular coffee.”

The researchers then examined the effects of the two types of coffee, and found that cinnamon and non-Cinnamon had similar health effects, and the participants were more likely to enjoy the drink than those drinking the other drink.

“Cinnamon drinks provide a natural sweet drink that has been around for thousands of years, so we know how much people like them, and we know what people are looking for in a drink,” Dr Bostom said.

The results of the research suggest that people prefer the taste of non-cola-based drinks over the taste and smell of regular coffee, she said.

But the researchers also found cinnamon water was more effective than coffee for relieving fatigue and improving sleep.

“If you’re experiencing fatigue or insomnia, coffee is probably a bad option,” Dr Paul Smith, a lecturer in epidemiology at Imperial College, said.

“Coffee can be a lot more pleasant to drink, but it also has some of the same health effects.”

Dr Bostomo added: “People who drink cinnamon water also like to take it as a supplement to their coffee.”

Dr Smith said he believed there was a “significant opportunity” for people to replace caffeine with cinnamon water in their daily routine.

“There are a lot of people who drink coffee with their cinnamon water as a replacement,” he said.

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