When elephants are out of their enclosure, they often stay in the enclosure, where they’re surrounded by people.

If there are people nearby, it can be difficult to get food.

Elephancies, however, have no predators, and they don’t need food.

When elephants go out to drink, they don, too.

But the benefits of drinking drinking water are clear.

Elephant water contains fluoride, which is found in drinking water.

When people drink water from a fountain, it’s a good thing.

But when people drink a water source that has fluoride in it, they’re getting the same amount of fluoride.

So, if you want to avoid dental cavities, you’re better off drinking water that has lots of fluoride, says Dr. David Toth, an elephant expert with the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS).

It also has a higher concentration of the fluoride that you’d want to consume.

That’s important because if you drink water that’s low in fluoride, you may end up ingesting fluoride from the water you’re drinking, says Toth.

“And that fluoride will then build up in your teeth, which can cause tooth decay, particularly in younger elephants.”

The WCS is one of several organizations that have been working to improve water fluoridation in the United States, and to educate people about the importance of drinking water from the source they choose.

Dr. Amy Miller, who works in public health at the CDC, has spent her career working to make drinking water safer for people and elephants.

“People think of the elephant as an animal that needs to be cared for, but there are elephants that don’t have to be kept in the wild,” she says.

“The water they drink has to be safe.

And the problem is that the water they do have is contaminated with toxic chemicals that could cause cancer or even death.”

Toth says it’s important to educate Americans about the risks of drinking fluoridated water, and educate people to avoid drinking water with fluoride in the first place.

The WCS has created a video called “Elephants: Drinking Water Safely,” which shows people how to take the right steps to make sure they’re drinking the water that they’re supposed to.

In the video, people are asked to take water that comes from a faucet and then pour it through a filter.

The water comes out clean and clear, but the filter has been removed.

“You’re not drinking the best water from your tap,” Toth explains in the video.

“But it’s the best drinking water for your elephant.

And it’s what you should be drinking.”