Drinking only water is the best way to stay hydrated and healthy, but the new technology known as sparkling water can be a bit hard to keep up with, especially in the summer months.

In Israel, which has one of the lowest water consumption rates in the world, the drink can have a refreshing taste that can help you stay hydrate and hydrated.

It can be an added bonus if you live near an area that has been affected by the drought.

Israel’s water ministry says it expects that by 2020, there will be over 8 billion cubic meters of drinking water (the equivalent of more than 200 Olympic-size swimming pools).

But the government is trying to find solutions for people who don’t have access to tap water or are thirsty in a time of drought.

The ministry is considering offering incentives to people who have access water, but says it is not ready to announce details yet.

While drinking only water has been around for centuries, it has never been used as an alternative to drinking bottled water or filtered water, which is made by filtering out all trace of contaminants.

This can result in the taste of the water being different, and sometimes even bad.

The new technology has been touted as a more sustainable way to drink water, as the water becomes more purified.

But the new product has its own set of challenges.

According to the Israeli Ministry of Water Resources, only around 1.3 percent of Israelis have access “to a tap water system that meets the requirements for drinking water”.

In addition, according to the ministry, there is no standard water filter or disinfectant that can be used to protect the water against contaminants.

To help with the challenges, the ministry is developing a new program called The Clean Water Network.

The program aims to introduce new technologies that help people stay hydration and healthy.

The project aims to provide incentives to water users to install water filters, disinfectant and disinfecting systems, and water purification systems.

“We are trying to make the drinking water system as clean as possible, while also allowing water users access to water that is safe for them,” said Israel Water Authority (IWA) chief engineer Shlomo Katz in a press release.

“This means that we want to offer the water users a choice in how they want to drink their water, so that they don’t end up with the same taste of water as the bottled water.”

Katz said the company is working with Israeli water authorities to make sure that people in Israel don’t find themselves in the same situation as those in the United States.

The program also plans to create a website that will allow people in the country to register for a membership, which will give them access to the program.

According the website, the program will be administered by the Israel Water Agency, which Katz said is a first for Israel.

KatZak added that the IWA hopes to eventually be able to offer discounted water vouchers, which can be redeemed online. 

In the United Kingdom, people are also being encouraged to purchase water filters and disinfectants to try out the new drinking water technology.

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